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Four months already!

It’s hard to believe it, but my little prince is already four months old. At his doctor’s appointment yesterday he was over 24″ long, weighted in at 13lbs 15oz (which is more than twice his birth weight), and has a head that is 40cm around. This puts him in the 30-something percentiles for height and weight and 6% for head size. Tiny heads run in my family, so I’m so not surprised by this. Also, he’s moving well on the chart curve, so that’s good.

Four Months Old!

He’s starting to get so big. He’s growing out of many of the onesies and pajamas that we have for him. He can still wear the infant cloth diapers, but he’s now in the size 2 disposables.

Little Prince’s newest tricks are grabbing his feet (and trying to suck on his toes), rolling from back to side, and the stealth pee on the changing table (which apparently he only does for me), all of which make it much harder to change him than it use to.

He also giggles and smiles and talks a lot. He’s also getting really good at grabbing things and putting them in his mouth. He loves to nom on his Elephant Mingo, balls, rattles, the Happy Apple, and our fingers, knees, and even feet.

DJ's Fourth Month

He also will grab our hands or arms and try to eat them while we are changing his diaper… yet another thing that makes diaper changes take longer.

LP still loves tummy time and still really wants to crawl. He’s also getting better at sitting up (lately he’s been trying to pull himself into sitting from semi-reclining) and will stand if we balance him.

Daddy helps me stand

He’s been doing pretty well at daycare also. The teachers say that he is all smiles for them (most of the time). He was doing much better taking a bottle last week, but not as much this week. ~sigh~. Since I’m generally pumping more than he is eating in a day, I was able to donate a bunch of my “stash” to another mom in need and I still have a good deal in my freezer.

What a little gentleman!

LP had a little cold the other week, but we got through it. Now we have a humidifier in the bedroom and saline for his nose. OMG, it’s amazing how a little baby can fight two adults when it comes to using saline solution!

Overall things are going well. Darius and I are still adjusting to being two working parents with a baby and housework and cooking and cleaning and two cats that also need attention. But I think we’re slowly getting there.

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