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My little prince is more than 5 months!

First I would like to thank daylight savings time. My child is sound asleep and it’s not even 9pm yet! And since he’s Mr. Get-Up-With-The-Sun, it’ll be easier (for a few weeks at least) to get him out the door and to daycare so that I may actually get to work before 8:30am!

Our little prince turned 5 months the Friday before Halloween. While they didn’t weigh him at his 5 months shots-only visit (we’re on an alternative schedule, so he goes in more often for shots, but there are less at a time), my me-on-scale then us-on-scale weighing has him at over 15.5 lbs!

For Halloween, we were Toby, Jareth, and Sarah from Labyrinth. Darius made my vest!

Happy Halloween

For Halloween at daycare, LP was Jayne from Firefly, because I didn’t want him to ruin his Toby pajamas at daycare.

Dressed like Jayne for Halloween.

I’m pretty sure that’s just about the cutest picture of him ever.

While he’s still not interested in rolling over (he’d much rather try to crawl!), he’s very good at sitting. He’s even getting good at sitting, reaching for something, grabbing it, and going back to sitting. Here he is with his absolute favorite thing to play with/try to eat: a book.

He also loves to bounce. At daycare he loved playing in a Exersaucer so much, that we got him one from Craigslist. He adores it.

LP loves his exersaucer!

He also adores the cats. He squeals with delight when he sees them. The girl-cat doesn’t care much for him, but the boy-cat will tolerate having his fur pulled, at least for a little while. We’re working on gentle, but I hear that concept can take a while.

I’m not really sure what else to say. Sometimes it feels like LP has always been part of our lives, and sometimes it feels like we’re still adjusting to him. I do know that I love him so very very much.

Geaux Saints!     Five months old!

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