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Such a good disposition

I know most parents like to brag about their children, but I have to say that my son as an amazing disposition.

Most mornings I’m able to sneak out of bed and get stuff done (showering, teeth brushing, eating, putting together everything that has to get out the door) before my little prince wakes up (although sometimes this is interrupted by a call to nurse, after which he usually falls back asleep again for a bit) and I get him dressed and get us out the door.

This morning, right after my alarm went off for the third time (LP totally sleeps through alarms. Hurray!), LP decided he wanted to sleep nurse for about 30 minutes. Being a chilly morning and him all cuddly was fine by me. When he was done, he fell back asleep and I took the opportunity to jump in the shower. Getting out of the shower I thought I heard some movement, so I poked my head out of the bathroom door. There he was, eyes open, just taking in the day. He greeted me with a big smile when he saw me. He continued to just look around and then smile when he’d see me as I brushed my teeth and dealt with my hair. As I was getting dressed, he was trying to sit up, so I sat him up (in his sleep sack, so it’s extra cute!) and handed him his ball to play with. He played with the ball and talked to it happily.

After I was dressed, I got him out of bed, and brought him into his room to change him and dress him. He was all smiles, giggles, and babbles the whole time. I brought him downstairs and put him in his exersaucer while I got the bottles to pump into, his bottle for daycare, and my lunch together, and scarfed down some food and my vitamins. He played happily in it during that time (and squealed at the cat).

Ready to head to daycare

When I picked him up, I smelled a poop (I thought I’d heard it when I was eating). Sure enough, when I got the diaper off, there was a lot of poop, but it wasn’t an explosion. LP is a morning/daytime pooper, which is great for me because most of the time daycare has to deal with it. However, the downside is that the disposables for daycare don’t catch the poop as well as the cloth diapers he’s in at home. One diaper change later, and I’m ready to head out of the door with my super happy baby, who decided to randomly “talk” to me throughout the ride.

When I get to daycare, he’s all smiles for Ms. S, the lead teacher of the Infant A room. He barely notices I’m leaving because he wants to play.

Yeah, my kid is pretty awesome.

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