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Seven months: The In-Betweens, Not-Quites, and Almosts

Our Little Prince turned 7 months right before NYE. At his Doctor’s appointment the day before, he weighed in at around 17lbs (they didn’t take his length).

Seven Months Old!

I feel like LP is currently existing in a state of in-betweens, not-quites, and almosts.

He’s almost crawling. He has flipping both ways, getting on all fours, and moving from sitting to all fours and back down pat. He’s doing the rock back and forth and the push the his butt into the air (a la downward dog). He’s also really good at going backwards. Unfortunately, he really wants to go forward so this will eventually upset him. He hasn’t figured out that he could turn around and go backwards and get to where he wants.

Rolling over

LP is almost pulling-up, standing and walking. He can pull up with fingers and his daycare has said that he can pull-up in his crib there. But he’s not pulling up on furniture at home. When standing, he can stay up for a little while and sometimes even balance for a few seconds with one hand. And in this past week he’s actually taken a few steps forward when we hold his hands, which seriously surprised both Darius and me.

Standng in a box with Grandma R

Because of this our LP is in between the Infant A and Infant B rooms at daycare. He’s still officially in Infant A, but he spends time in Infant B (with the crawling and walking children) getting use to that room and the teachers there.

LP is not quite eating solids. So far he’s not a fan of sweet potato. He likes avocado, but mostly as an item to play/make a mess with. He has gotten some in his mouth and seemed to enjoy it. He also likes to suck on apples, either ones I’m eating or if I put a chunk in a mesh baby feeder, but he’s not interested in apple sauce. He also takes sips of water from a cup if Darius is drinking, because he wants to be like daddy. We’re not worried. We’re letting him explore at his own pace.

He's my avocado baby

LP is currently in-between clothing sizes, diaper cover sizes, and disposable diaper sizes. Hitting all of these at once is annoying me. The clothing he was wearing (0-6/3-6/6 month sized for the most part), fits fine with a small tug over disposables, but needs a few tugs and sometimes a bit of pulling to be put on over cloth diapers. The 6-9/9 month sized clothing is too long for his arms and legs, but fits torso and around cloth diapers. When it comes to pajamas, the 6 months are pulling on him, but he’s swimming in the 9s. As for our diaper covers, the Thirsties Duo Wrap size ones are starting to not fully cover the pre-folds and the sometimes the velcro pulls off a bit. So we got some of the size 2s (snaps) and snapped all the way down, they fully cover his pre-folds with a bit of extra room. Talking about diapers, the size 2s are getting small, but not too small, on him (he is getting a bit of a plumbers crack in them sometimes, but there is so much room in the size 3s that it’s ridiculous. So you can see why this is all very frustrating. I wish he’d just grow already so I can put away all of the smaller sizes.

Over the holidays, LP had his first big cold with a wet cough and a runny nose (of course he got it when he wasn’t at daycare). He had it when he went in for his shots, so the doctor listened to his lungs and declared it just a cold. However, driving 10 hours in a car with a baby who has a cold and got his shots the day before was not fun. We got through it though. And it was nice to be at my mother’s house where there were extra people around to help take care of LP and our sanity. Also, around that time LP and I developed thrush. We’re treating it and seem to be doing much better, even if he hates taking his medicine for it.

Lastly, here is my favorite picture that I’ve taken recently. I call it “I’m using this one now and I’m saving that one for later.”

I'm using this one now and I'm saving that one for later.

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