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Delightful meal

This weekend my father and step-mother came into town. On Saturday night we left the little prince with a babysitter and went out to Uchiko for a 6:15 reservation. For those of you who don't follow TV stuff, Uchiko is the restaurant where the most recent winner of Top Chef is the Executive Chef. I actually made the reservations in the week before the finale aired, because I was pretty sure he would win.

It was possibly the best meal I've ever had. I know it was the funest meal I've had in a long time (if ever). The fun thing about Uchiko, as our lovely waitress explained to us, was that you didn't have to order all at once. There were no entrees vs. appetizers. You could order everything you wanted at once or you could order as it struck your fancy. We played the "order as it sounds good to us game." It was really cool. I tried to write down everything we got, but one glass of sake and some white wine into the meal and I lost track.

We started with some grilled edamame and it just went uphill from there.

The best thing we had all night was the gyutoro aburi nigiri. Beef belly that was cooked in a water bath for 72 hours. It absolutely melted on the tongue.

The most beautifully presented dish was the haru yasai asparagus. It was also delicious.

The most creative and fun dish was the Jar Jar Duck. When we ordered it we had no idea it would actually come in a jar! It was filled with rosemary smoke and the whole thing was so lovely.

I was also super brave (for me) and tried many things outside of my comfort zone, such as fish that I don't normally eat and two rolls that had some sort of spice to them. Weirdest thing I had all night was the squid!

Eventually we started to get full so we ordered two more of the gyutoro aburi nigiri (cause it was that good!) and then lordaerith and I got dessert. I had fried milk, which was actually a lot cooler and had much more on the plate than it sounds. Aerith and dad also had some port.

I don't think that I could do it often, but as a once in a while super special treat, it was a fun night and an amazing meal. And it was really nice to get out without the baby and not be out so late that I was worried about him getting to bed alright (as is, and as usually is when we leave him with a sitter, he passed out about 5-10 minutes before we got home).
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