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Two birthday parties, a road trip, and a wedding

Being born at the end of May, this year my Little Prince’s birthday fell on Memorial Day. It also happened to be the day after my heart-brother D’s wedding day, which was in Tulsa, OK. So the Thursday before, Darius, LP, and I drove up to Tulsa. LP actually did pretty well on the trip. Slept for a lot of it, then was entertained by his apps on my iPhone or by the non-driver leaning back and playing with him. We were staying in a suit with mom, which worked out really well. And my sister and her partner were staying down the hall and D’s mom was in the same hotel, so we had lots of family around.

On Friday afternoon we had a little family BBQ/party for our Little Prince. My sister got to feed him his first lemon:

We also got some cupcakes from Kupcakez, which were really good. LP liked the icing.

DJ's first cupcake for his first birthday party with family.

The rest of the weekend went well. It was delightful to see my brother get married to such a wonderful woman who makes him so happy. The theme of the wedding was 1940s, so we got to dress LP in a sailor suit.

Uncle D's and Aunt W's 1940s wedding

He was pretty well behaved for the whole thing, even though the part where my brother almost married a gorilla instead of my new sister-in-law (don’t ask) kind of scared him. For a while LP fell asleep on my back in my mei tai, which everyone thought was adorable and which my back and right shoulder weren’t too happy about because all of his weight was on one side and I couldn’t shift him.

On his actual birthday we all got to drive back home and my mother came with us. I unlocked the “leaning over the car seat to nurse the baby” achievement. Not sure if it was better or worse to have someone in the back of the car with him.

On May 30 we had LP’s 1 year check-up. His stats: height: 28.5″, weight: 18.5lbs (2%), and head: 14%. His height stayed in a similar percentile, his head percentile went up a bit (yay!), but his weight percentile fell slightly. Doc isn’t concerned as she could see just how active he is. She also asked if we wanted to do both the polio and the MMR together or if we wanted to come back for the MMR. Since MMR will be his first “live” vaccine we decided to do it later. I love that his doc asks about that kind of thing.

That Saturday we had the official Birthday Party for our Little Prince (otherwise known as “Hurray, Darius and I kept a human being alive for a year!”). I made him his first birthday cake. He seemed to like it. He also wouldn’t give up the candle and kept trying to use it as a spoon. :)

DJ's Cake First Birthday Cake

LP got lots of good swag, including his very first D20. Yup, that’s my little nerd baby!

In other news LP’s top and bottom teeth on the left side are coming in, he’s picking up new signs and words every day, his swimming classes are going well, and he’s just getting over a (possibly teething?) fever. Now that he’s going to bed earlier, maybe I’ll even have time to write up a fuller post about all of this.

Lastly, here are more pictures from the birthday party:

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