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Home owners

Yesterday at 2:30pm we closed on our new house! Well, it was more like 4pm by the time we got all the paperwork signed, but still. We are now home owners. The place is awesome and beautiful and over 3,000 square feet.

The funny thing is that we closed exactly 9 years after we bought our condo back in MA. Except this time we have a month to move everything over. We have movers coming on the 17th, but we're hoping to get as much stuff packed and moved over as we can before then.

In awkward news, when we got to the new house to drop off our first load of stuff, the original owners were there still packing, moving out, and cleaning. It was nice to meet them though. They literally helped to build the house and were obviously very proud of it. I think they were glad that the people they sold it to are as in love with the house as they are.

I think the reality of "OMG, I own a house" has finally hit. I'm super excited and can't wait to get moved in and settled.
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