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I killed a cockroach!

I have a terrible fear of cockroaches. The last time I saw one in Austin it was on my birthday several years ago and I started crying.

This morning I'm eating breakfast and I feel something on my toe. I look under the table and instead of a cat, I see a HUGE roach. I freak out and grab my breakfast off the table and try to eat it in the kitchen while keeping a eye on the monstrosity. The girl-cat starts to track/semi-pounce on it (what a good kitty!) but she's kind of nervous about it too. lordaerith is already at work and LP is asleep. I realize I have three options: I can wait and see if Natasha kills it, I can leave it in the house and pray it's gone when I get home this evening, or I can kill it myself. Since I'm not sure when LP will wake and the thought of a roach in my house all day really freaks me out, I go for idea three. I put on my sneakers in case it bolts, grab one of Aerith's sneakers, track it down (Natasha is still watching it), smash it with Aerith's sneaker and step on the sneaker with my sneaker for good measure. Bye-bye roach.

For anyone who knows me, you know this is a HUGE deal, because I don't think I've ever killed a large one before in my life. I usually just run screaming and make someone else do it (queencimmy was killing them for me when she was a little girl).

I haven't cleaned it up though. A brave warrior can only do so much. And my toe still feels gross/tingly.
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