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Austin ComicCon 2012

Over the weekend, Little Prince, Darius, and I volunteered for the Austin Browncoats at Austin ComicCon. LP and I helped out on all three days and Darius joined us on the weekend (hurray for Volunteer Time Off Days). The first thing he did when we got to the Browncoats booth is pull the toy Cylon Raider off the table, followed by Bad Horse :) . The three days were awesome and exhausting. I’m super glad for babywearing and that the Ergo has a hood because otherwise I don’t think I’d have ever gotten LP to sleep at all. As is, there were a few times where he’d just have passed out and something happened (like them blaring “Gangnam Style” over the PA system) and he’d wake up.

Babywearing at Austin ComicCon made vending easier.

Here are some of the Con highlights:

1. Someone was auctioning off huge D20s. LP had just learned “die” and “dice” at D&D earlier that week. So he would see one being carried around and yell “DIE.” A 17 month old yelling “DIE” at a D20 is super cute (and also disturbing if you don’t know that’s what he’s talking about).

This D20 is almost as big as DJ

2. At one point we were thisclose to Wil Wheaton, but LP was more interested in the car on the floor – a Delorean tricked out all Back to the Future style.

3. On Saturday my milk-daughter, E (the daughter of the heads of the Austin Browncoats), was totally passed out in her father’s arms when her mother wanted to get an autograph and needed her father’s help. I had LP on my back, because he was over tired and I was trying to walk him to sleep. So now I have a passed out 11 month old in my arms and a screaming because he’s overtired 17 month old on my back. Dean Cain notices I have two and is impressed. We chat for a bit about babies. I mention that LP just grew out of his Superman onesie (I know this cause I tried it on him that morning) and Dean Cain says that he still fits into his. I like Dean Cain, B gets her autograph, and LP finally passes out.

4. Talking with all of the geek parents of geek babies or soon-to-be-geek parents who are expecting geek babies. Darius going out of his way to make sure these soon-to-be parents know how awesome breastfeeding and babywearing is. :)

5. Leaving the Con for lunch on Saturday and discovering Turf N Surf. Dear lord it was delicious. And they gave us a grilled cheese for LP for free, but he was much more interested in the sweet potato fries. That boy LOVES his sweet potato fries.

With Marina Sirtis

6. The crowd being thin enough Sunday morning that there were no lines at most of the ST:TNG cast booths. First we went up to Marina Sirtis. She thought that LP was super cute and noticed instantly that he was dressed like Wesley Crusher. Then I pointed to one of her Deanna Troi glossies on the table and asked LP who that looked like. He said “Mommy.” Marina just melted asked if he wanted to take a picture with the woman who “played the character who looked like mommy.” So of course I said yes. Little Prince also got to tell LeVar Burton “books” and give him a fist-bump. LeVar noticed how LP’s eyes light up when he says/signs “books.” And we said hi to Gates McFadden and I got to show her our Labyrinth costumes from last year.

7. We were really worried that Wil Wheaton wouldn’t show up on Sunday because he was tweeting that he wasn’t feeling well. We really wanted to meet him, especially since Darius had made Little Prince a Sparks McGee costume. But as I was walking to find food, I checked twitter and saw that Wil was at his booth. So I called Darius and told him to get LP and get over to Wil’s booth. We stood in line and LP flirted with the girls in our line. When we got toward the front of the line, Wil saw LP and totally squeed! When we finally got to talk to Wil, he was just as awesome as we’d thought he’d be. I had him sign my Munchkin box cover that I got at w00tstock Austin that he wasn’t able to come to. LP wouldn’t put on his Sparks cowboy hat, so Wil said that he already had the Sparks attitude down. I told him that he could take a picture of LP. He did and he even tweeted it! LP is once again famous on the interwebs. We talked with Wil for probably 5-10 minutes, even though his line was long. It’s really awesome that he’s willing to really take the time to talk to his fans (of course afterwards Darius and I both realized there were like 20 million things we wanted to mention to him that we forgot).

Baby Sparks

8. Next to the Browncoats booth was the 501st (Star Wars peoples). They had a life-sized R2D2 with them that was remote controlled and could beep and dance and play songs. Little Prince was fascinated by R2D2, but was also afraid of him at first. He kept wanting to go over and see him, but then would say “no” and cling to me. It was great on Friday when our booth wasn’t very staffed because R2 was almost like a babysitter, keeping LP in the booth. By the end of Saturday, LP was able to touch R2 while in my arms and by the end of Sunday he was willing to hang out with him without being held. LP can also say “R2D2″ and if I ask him to say “Space Station,” he says “moon,” which just cracks me up.

Nerdbaby, nerdmommy, and R2D2

 The only really sucky part was when we were packing up the booth on Sunday and security came by to tell us that no children were to be on the floor anymore. We were like, “umm…we need to pack up. What if we wear them?” But security decided to be jerks. So I took both E and LP and with P-the 10-year-old’s help went out to the lobby where we let them run/crawl around and get out lots of energy. The upside to this, LP fell asleep in the car, went back to sleep when we got home and stayed mostly asleep (with his normal night wakings) until about 7:30am on Monday.

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