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Saw Cats&Dogs. An ok movie. got to see the harry potter trailer on the big screen. made it worth it.

Went swimming w/Aerith and Kiten. Had a blast with noodles :) Tried jumping through them and all kinds of fun tricks. Got more tan. huray!

Then the rev and slinky boy showed up for aerith's game. but since pants wasn't there, we ended up hanging out and bbqing. deravyn and lisa showed up with the gothic prom pics. Deravyn takes good pics. Aerith actually liked the way he looked (which was really dark and sexy!!!!!) in the pics.

after that the boys convinced me to run a modual that i have. aaahhhhh. DMing for my first time. well, i TRIED. and the boys were on their best behavior (well, as best as they can be when they play characters), but I hadn't read the thing, so i really didn't know what was coming, and i quit b4 any combat happened b/c i was tired and i couldn't really remember how it all worked. but next time i'll be more prepared b/c i'll read up on stuff first.

The best thing was that redfishie showed up! hurray! I hadn't seen her in forever!!!

had many strange dreams. but i can't really remember any of them. one of them had two brothers. i really wanted to remember all of them. it was one of those morning where i kept waking up in the middle of a dream that would fade quickly and then going back to sleep and having another dream.

we did laundrey and laundrey and more laundrey. and cleaned the kitchen and our bathroom sink. and more laundrey. i don't think i have ANY dirty clothing except for the hand washing. it's a nice feeling.

ordered the new Blackmore's Night cd. It comes out tommorow. I'm really excited. i love that band so much!!!

saw From Russia with Love. a young Connery. mmmm. very good movie. i think they cleaned up the picture when they put it on dvd. only problem was that something was weird with the subtittles. at first there were none and then when we tried to fix that the movie kept giving us subtittles in spanish. it was strange.

had a talk with my mother about plans for the fall. it is getting so complicated. i almost wish that i never asked my dad about the possibility of getting his car while he is going to be in europe. aerith is so good at comming up with good arguments for me. I wish he would just handle the whole thing, but i have to. i'm the one who wants the car. i have to call people about insurence. i've been delaying. and then yesterday aerith tells me a lot of places are 24 hours. i could have killed him. i also need to call about Spectre. he needs to be neutered SOON!!!
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