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Little Prince’s First Haircut

Darius has been mentioning to me for months that our Little Prince’s hair was too long and it should get cut. I kept protesting (and making some sort of “against my religion” claims…which are only partially not very not at all true). However the other week I actually pulled the start of a dred out of it. And it was starting to look straggly and get pulled easily.

He's on a boat!

I finally consented that it needed some trimming and a shaping. So after asking some of my local mommy friends, two weekends ago we took LP to Pigtails and Crewcuts for his very first professional haircut (instead of a mommy hacking at his bangs after a bath cut). There was a long wait when we got there, so we added our name to the list and then played around in Half-Priced Books for a while. LP pulled a Star Wars book off the shelf, which made mommy proud, but it was an Episode I book, so I had him put it back. After a while we went back to the hair salon and he played with the train set for a bit.

When LP’s name was called, we got to pick the seat. We went with the Taxi seat. As soon as the stylist put the robe on him, he got upset, and instantly there were bubbles and toys, The Jungle Book on a TV, and snacks offered. We were really impressed at how well they were able to calm him down. The stylist cut his hair and then asked me and I said it was okay to cut a bit more, but we wanted to leave the curls, just get a good shape. She was awesome and did a very good job. We got the “First Haircut” package, which included a picture and a lock of his hair as a keepsake.

Lunch after DJ's first haircut

After the haircut we went out to lunch. I’ve been really happy with how his hair has looked since the haircut. It still has the curl and some of the wildness, but the shape is so much better. And he doesn’t get mistaken for a girl quite as often now. We will totally bring him back there the next time he needs a haircut.

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