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angsty period post

so, of course I HAD to get my period during finals. Now I am tired and grumpy and pissy and i can't focus on my latin at all!!!! This really sucks. I wanted to be ALL studied and take the test at 9am and then the cs test at 2 so that i could see Buffy and then go to Haven. Now it looks like i'm going to have to take the Latin test at 2, go to the library and the computer labs afterwards, and the cs test at 7. I pray that the cs test will be easy (it should be) and that i'll be back home in time to see most, if not all, of Buffy. Then I will go to haven. Then I will wake up on wed and study for my American theatre test and take that either at 2 or at 7. then i will spend thurs writing my paper for Opera and then i will be DONE.

I just wish i didn't have to bother with my stupid period. i wish that it wasn't here because then i wouldn't be so tired and unfocused. I just hope that i can focus better tomorrow with the clock ticking down.

must sleep now. night night me.
Tags: finals, george, haven, school, smith, tests, tv

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