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Busy busy busy

Dear lord are our weekends busy in March.

First weekend we went to the Kite Festival. Decided it's not really worth going back until Little Prince is at least 4.

This past weekend we worked Sherwood Forset Faire on Saturday. Loads of fun. I love that Faire so much.

This coming weekend is a friend's annual crawfish boil, a free k's choice show as part of SXSW, and I actually kind of want to go to the UU church for Ostara.

The weekend after that we're working Faire on Saturday again.

Then it's Easter weekend and my dad and step-mom will be in town. It's also TableTopDay that Saturday, and we might try to go to Faire one more time.

Then it's the first weekend of April and PBF.

Then we collapse in a heap and never leave our house again, except to buy food, until there are more interesting things to do or it's time to head to New Orleans for Memorial Day weekend/Little Prince's Birthday.
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