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A big bump

We're all okay.

The drive home from work/daycare with Little Prince sure turned out to be interesting. To start the highway was PACKED. So I tried a side route I'd never done before. It worked out really really well. We were stopped in the middle lane at the red light that brought us back to join in with the normal way home when the whole car was rocked violently forward. Yup, while sitting at the red light, the woman in the car behind us rear-ended us. It took a moment for it to register and then Little Prince started crying. I put on my blinkers and got out of the car. He looked fine and there were no obvious signs of damage either on him or to either car. The woman in the other car looked visibly shaken and upset too. She got out and claimed that the brakes on her car just stopped working suddenly. Since LP was crying and in case there were any problems, I wanted to trade information. But the light was going to be changing soon and we weren't in a good spot to deal with things. I suggested pulling into the grocery store parking lot just up the road. Then I snapped a quick picture of her license plate with my cell phone in case she decided to drive away instead.

So we drove up the road and pulled into the parking lot. She claimed she was stopped and was admiring my bumper stickers when all of a sudden her car just rolled forward into mine. Not sure I believe her 100%, but that's what she said. Apparently it's her boyfriend/fiance's car. If that's really what happened, I guess he'll be getting a talking to. I took a picture of the insurance card, so I didn't have to write it all down and wrote down her name and number.

Drove home. Comforted/nursed Little Prince and filed the claim online and they'll call me tomorrow. Can I just say I love that we have cameras on phones now. It just makes things so much easier. I had all of the information for the claim. I also love that I can file my claim over the internet.

Little Prince seems to be fine (as fine as a teething toddler the week after daylights savings time switch can be). My back and neck kind of hurt. I'm going to talk to the insurance people about where we should go to get checked out just in case.

I'm so glad that we still have LP rear facing in his car seat. I was just thinking that maybe we should start to turn him around, but I think I want to leave him rear facing longer (the seat is weighted up to 40 or 45 lbs rear facing and he's 22ish). I don't think a very low impact bump should damage his car seat, but I'll make sure to ask the insurance agent just to make sure.

Little Prince in his car seat, from a few months ago.

I will not feel guilty that I took a different route home. I will not feel guilty that I didn't pull into the other lane when I thought about it. I will not feel guilty that the straps on LP were a little looser than I'd have wanted them to be when we pulled into the parking lot. We're all fine. These things happen. I handled everything in the best way possible. The end.
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