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Why did we not just do this ourself?

What a real post?

On Saturday, while dealing with a slight feverish, probably teething, toddler, we wake up to find out our hot water heater is leaking. lordaerith shuts off the water (as much as he can) to it and the gas. I call the Home Warranty company, since we have one (hey, the sellers had to pay for it, so why not) and they put in a service call. Saturday afternoon...still haven't heard from plumber. Call plumbing company from email, no response.

Sunday - still no hot water. Wash dishes in cold water. Really nice neighbor lets Aerith and I shower at their place (yay! I love our neighbors so much!!). We boil water on the stove and mix it with water in the tub to give Little Prince his nightly bath. Oh, did I mention that due to the way the bathtubs/shower heads are set up, no hot water pressure means no cold water can come out either? So we had to fill up the tub with the boiling water and water from the bathroom sink. Luckily the outside water isn't crazy cold since Texas is already getting nice and hot during the day.

Today - I work from home. I call the plumber and find out they can't come until Thursday or Friday at the earliest. I call back Home Warranty place and get a new plumber recommendation (I can do that, didn't know that). Call new plumber after waiting an hour. Now have appointment for Tuesday afternoon, which is better than the end of the week. Call a local plumber. They say they can have someone out for a free estimate sometime today. Call the warranty number for the water heater and find out that it's totally under warranty and we can just bring the old one back to Home Depot and get a new one, if we want to do it ourselves. This is looking more and more tempting. Call back Home Warranty place and am told 24 hours for an emergency, but this isn't considered one. Plumber that I called comes and gives several estimates, because of course some things are totally not up to code anymore and need to be changed. Say thank you very much.

So now we have the option of seeing if tomorrow's plumber can do this or trying to do it ourselves. I think we'll wait until tomorrow. One more day without hot water, they better fix it tomorrow. I sure treasure indoor plumbing now.

Also, we are now two-for-two with places we've owned and broken water heaters. At least this time it didn't flood our floors/carpet.
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