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I can breathe again!

The cedar has been really bad this year and I've been very miserable because of it. I've been taking Claritin-D, but not much else and doing the occasional saline spray. I've been going through more tissue boxes than I can count. lordaerith and queencimmy kept suggesting that I try the neti pot, but I didn't want to because I was scared to try it.

Last night, after over a week (probably more) of miserableness, I finally decided to try it out while Aerith was putting Little Prince to bed. But just with warm water. The first nostril (into left, out right) was weird. It took a while for anything to happen, but eventually water was flowing/dripping from my left nostril to my right, even though I couldn't feel the water moving. The second nostril (into right) was so much worse. It could feel the water going down my throat. And when I shifted, nothing was happening. I was sure that water was flowing, but it never came out the left nostril. So I gave up and had some pie. Everything is better with pie, even when you can't breathe much.

Throughout the rest of the evening I could kind of feel the water still in there, dripping, especially when slightly reclining. It was weird. This morning I woke up still clogged, but when I blew my nose there was tons of yellow colored snot (it's been mostly clear this whole time) and then magically I could mostly breathe again.

I'm still a little stuffy, even after taking a Claritin this morning, but it's so much better.

So, in conclusion, it was clearly the pie, and not the neti pot that helped out. Next time I'm so stuffy I won't wait as long before using the neti pot eating pie.
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