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Children's Museum - kiddos + alcohol = genius

On Thursday night we got a sitter for Little Prince and headed to the Thinkery for their Thinkery21, which as I described to my friends over Facebook is "Children's Museum - kiddos + alcohol = genius." Basically it was a way for us to go play with all of the things there without watching out for our child or other children getting in the way.

We got there and got some food at the food truck outside and then went in. They had a yummy cupcake bar and two bars (hint: the upstairs bar was practically empty when the bar downstairs was full). They had their MakerBot out and were making flowers with it. MAKERBOT!! It was so cool!!! We got to play with the stuff in the older kids room, like making flying machines. Tried to hula-hoop with wine, but that didn't work so well. We played in the water room for a while. I got one of the dump buckets to just a point where when i walked away, just a bit of water fell in and so it splashed everyone around it and I was far away. There was chocolate tasting in the kitchen lab and they had chocolate roses. We also played outside on the play structure. Much easier to navigate when there aren't a million children in the way. I tried to instigate a game of tag with random people, but no one played with me. Also, I may have been the one to spell out "BUTTS" with magnets on the magnet wall, but I admit to nothing.

Overall, lordaerith and I had a great time, although after all the alcohol and cupcakes, we probably shouldn't have eaten the yummy greasy food truck food at the end of the night. It was really fun to explore all of the regular and special exhibits. I know we won't go every month, but once in a while would probably be worth it. Maybe in the summer when it's warmer so more can happen outside.
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