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Consuming vs. Creating

There's so much that i want to post about, both here and on my Little Prince blog. I feel like I'm always composing posts in my head. But so many of them never get written. Some of it is time. Between working full-time, raising a toddler, spending time with hubby, working on other projects, reading, etc, I just don't have lots of time to write.

But there's also something more. When it comes to the internet I tend to be a consumer first and a creator second. What I mean is that when I sit at my computer for downtime, the first thing I do is read other people's things. It was easy when it was just LiveJournal friends list (although back then a lot more people were posting). Now there's the friends list, facebook, tumblr, email, my rss feed reader, etc. I pretty much ignore twitter (sometimes), pintrest, instagram, and Google+ because you have to draw the line somewhere. But by the time I'm done reading it all, there isn't much time left for me to post stuff. Or I want to do something for the post first, like edit pictures or video, which takes time. I guess that's why I like FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Because you can post quick free form things that aren't as fully "bloggy" and keep consuming. I mean I could do that here too, but it's harder.

I have to remember to sit down and create first or I just get lost in the world of consuming.

Well, time to feed the cats, scoop litter boxes, play with Little Prince in his bath, and get him to sleep. Maybe I'll do some more creating tonight before I consume...
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