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Granulation, Haven, home, and other things

So, I did it. I granulated! Now i am sugary sweet. hehehehehe.

Graduation went really well. At the procession in, I ended up on the steps which was really the best spot because I could see the crowed and also the teachers. I spotted my sister and my parents! yay.

Then when we got to sit, i was sitting about three rows back and about 4 people from the center. So I had a good seat. Smith is so cool! They gave us all bottled water on our seats. I guess they know that the seniors, or should I say graduates, do a lot of screaming! The graduation was nice. The speakers were ok. Dean Jennifer Walters(the dean of religious life) is sooooo cool! Lamont House is the best house! While all other houses cheered when their house was called, we barked! I was sooo happy when I got the deploma. And Presedent John Connoly actually knew who I was! He asked me how I was doing when I shook his hand on stage *Big Huge Happy Grin!*

And I wasn't the last person to get her diploma from the diploma circle.

Afterwards we finished packing up my dorm room. Don't worry, hermione's violin and catling, the rug and the ASP stuff, respectivly, are all in the basemet, clearly labled.

Then Aerith's family and my family went out to dinner It was the first time they all met each other. Everyone seemed to get along really really well! yay yay!!

On Tuesday I brought my sister to haven! it was sooooo cool to have her there. I think that she really had a good time. Hurray! I was so glad that I could finally show off my club to her. It was the coolest! And she got to meet my friends and dance with me and stuff. She said that I am a good dancer in my element, which is a huge compliment since for years and years she told me I couldn't dance. I am home...or at my mother's house...which is my home, but not. or something. Went to Haenson's today for my first Sno-Bliz of the season. mmmm...cream of neactor!. Talked to Ash about possibly doing a website for them since they don't have one.

while I was there I saw someone with a "These are the Droids you're looking for. Droids for sale, cheep" shirt on. Commented to him on his shirt. He said that he was admiring my White Mage shirt. Which brings us to today's quiz:


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