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fun and worries

the night before last i wrote a long angsty post about how I felt New Orleans was my house but not my home, but IE crashed and I lost it.

but then yesterday things changed. Elsha called looking for Cimmmy, but she was in Layfette with her b/f. But Elsha wanted to go to Greek Fest, so I agreed to go with her. Had a BLAST at Greek Fest and hanging out with Elsha. We both felt like we knew each other really well, but we didn't know each other at all. But we had fun. And at Greek Fest I ran into a old old friend whom I hadn't seen in years. Gave her my contact info so hopefully we'll be in touch.

Then Elsha and I went to visit my eldest daughter (in the Sci-Fi club here we all ARE family *G*) in her new place. It was nice. Her puppy looks like an ewock. Spent some time hanging out with her and talking.

Then Elsha and I dropped her off at her work and went to Hansen's. I got a Nector Sno-Ball. favorite! I was going to get a really large chocolate sno-ball for everyone, but they were out of chocolate (I had to yell at Ash for that one).

So then Elsha and I went to the Butterfly and met up with a whole bunch of people from Sci-Fi. I LOVE those kids. They had bought a whole bunch of Chek soda and so we played Fizzball. At first I wasn't going to play, but then when another girl started playing I was like WTF and played anyway. Got totally covered in soda. It was GREAT!

Going to Europe tommorow. I hope to be able to post from the road, but I'm not sure.

I'm really worried about this. I didn't get my act together early enough b/c I was so busy with school and now I'm worried that we won't have places to stay in Amsterdam and Paris and that the whole trip will be ruined. I can't believe i fucked up this much. How could it have happened. Everything is booked. Everything. Not that it's totally my fault, but still. argh. this sucks so much. I think i might cry. i don't know what to do. maybe this was my first test of adulthood and i failed it. shit. i'm really scared about all of this. and I know daddy's going to yell at me. why did i think it would all take care of itself? why did i think it would get magically done? because it won't. I guess I know better for next time, but that doesn't fix this time. it just sucks!

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