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Two Seas and Viking Runes

Went to the northernmost part of Juttland (the top of Denmark) yesterday. It was soooo cool. We went out to where the Baltic Sea meets the North Sea. There was this little sand bit that you had to cross a tiny bit of water to get to. So, I took off my shoes, rolled up my jeans and waded across. Even up to my knees there was a really strong current. I know why there is no swimming (besides the fact that it was really fucking cold water!). It was really cool to be at the northern tip with water all around. Water to the horizon on three sides. You can see why people thought that the world was a flat circle.

Then we went to this really weird sand dune place inland. Cimmy and Dad were making all sorts of Dune jokes. I really should read that book someday.

Today we went to this place near Aalborg were there was this Viking burial ground that went all the way back to the Iron Age. It was amazing. There were all these beautiful rocks in amazing burial patters, such as boats and triangles. And the best part was that there were all these people in garb who were rehearsing a Viking Reennactment play that they do from mid-late June. Makes me wish that I could be here when it happened. Hehehe. So cool. Like a ren faire, but not.

now we are at Dad's office. It's all really cool.

Oh, and there is this WONDERFUL store in Aalborg with the most amazing things in it. I want to buy so many of y'all stuff from it. I don't know if i can carry that much around with me, but we'll see.

More as it happens

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