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Ren Mad-Lib

So, being bored at work (no, that never happens), I ran across some renissance mad-libs on the NY Ren Faire site. Here is what Amythyst and I came up with:

Oh unhappy I kiss. My tree I have given in troth to my wet love, Jack Daniells. With a nose as smelly as a oblisk and a voice which sends feet to bedroom, Jack Daniells is all quill pen in mine eyes. 'Twere it not for Jack Daniells 's dastardly step-cousin in law we would married be already. God's coccyx be that hard relation, for Jack Daniells and I should e'en now be jumping together in marital bliss. Would that I were a purple plunger, such impediments should not read and I would but drink Jack Daniells from his/her belly button and we would ride together upon my bold chimney into the midnight to live slowly ever after.
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