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Ah, it's time for the long post about what i did in Paris.

On Friday, Cimmy and got up early in Amsterdam, smoked on the street (yay Amsterdam) and took the train to Paris.

We got into Gare du Nord and then took the Metro to Place de La Republic b/c the Frenchman's sister (now to be known as Paris Girl) was letting us stay in her living room and she lives just a few blocks from La Republic. The apartment was amazing. A very nice size and up on the top floor (yay for elelators) so there was a nice view from the window of the Paris sky. I love the Paris sky. Paris Girl has two black and white cats who are just the cutest things! It was so nice to be around cats again, even if they were shedding everywhere.

When we got there, Frenchman, Paris Girl, her b/f, and some others were just finishing lunch. It was so Parisian! They were all talking in french (duh) and just the way they held themselves and the way the conversation went was so cool. The Frenchman told Cim and me about a Surrelist Exibit at the Pompidou Center that went until 9pm at night. It was going to close a while ago, but it was so popular that they kept it open.

Then everyone left and Cimmy and I rested.

After the rest we got up and walked to the Pompidou Center. It wasn't that far. We got a little lost following driving signs, but then we found it because Cimmy is an excelent sign reader!

The exebition was amazing. Just indescribable! And there were a million Magritte panting. I love Magritte. He is my favorite artist of all time! The one that struck me the most was part of his "Human Experience" series. It almost made me cry. It was so beautiful and terrible and striking. I was trying to find an image of it online, but i couldn't, anyway, i think that images of it just don't have the same feeling as the real thing. the other thing that i really
remember was this short movie (from the 30s??) of two people who get discovered making out on the grass and then the man gets up to confront the person who discovered them and the woman crouches by the feet of a statue and all of a sudden starts licking the statue's toes. It was one of the most errotic images that i'd ever seen.

Saturday we went to the Place de Charles de Gaulle (ok, so my french spelling SUCKS) and saw the Obolisk and went to see the L'Orangerie but it was closed. So we walked around and found the Champs Elyssian and walked up and down it shopping. shopping!! We went into so many stores with so many awesome clothes! We tried on soo much! Cimmy ended up buying me these really nice shirts from a store as a graduation present.

Then we were at the Arc de Triumph. We walked around it and I finally persuaded Cimmy to climb up to the top with me. The spiral stairs were really good on the legs (feel the burn). It was so pretty up there. We were glad we went to the top.

Then we took the Metro to the park across from the Effile Tower. We were going to walk but our legs hurt too much from the Arc.

The Effile Tower is really cool. We took the elelator to the very top and got to see another amazing view of paris. On the line I got asked by this woman if i went to Smith (b/c i was wearing a smith sweatshirt) and found out that she had gone to Smith in the late 60s. We ened up talking for a long while. It was cool.

That night Paris Girl took Cimmy and I out to see the "paris nightlife" We went to the Bastile area where there were a lot of bars and things. It felt a lot like Borubon st. with out the strip joints and hookers. We ended up just getting icecream and walking home.

That's the first day and a half. More later.

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