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Sunday Cimmy and I got a late start and went to Musee D'Orsay. Cimmy was having relationship issues withStagemonkey so I practically had to drag her there and drag her around the museum. But i think that she liked it anyway. Museum passes are the best thing in the world! There was a really long line to get into the museum, but we just walked around the line, flashed our passes to the guard and got to go right in.

The art there is so amazing! I just love all of the impressionist stuff they have there. And everytime we'd turn a corner Cimmy would point to some painting and say "That one's really famous." It was funny. And I got to see the bear again. I remember thinking that he looks like the Coca-cola bears, except it was made long before the commercials came out. you can see it here.

We also saw this painting which must have been quiet scandulus for its time!

I saw the Smithie from the Eiffel Tower again quickly.

We had an icky experience at lunch. We were eating in the museum and Cim had dropped her museum map. Some really snotty woman who was cleaning up just dashed over, picked up the map, tore it in half b4 Cim had time to say "hey that's mine" and threw it out. She was so rude! It was really mean of her!!

So, after buying a million postcards :) we were going to go to Notre Dame and stuff, but it was POURING rain out and we didn't have our umbrellas. So we took the Metro back to Paris Girl's place and rested.

That night we went out to this "Western" style resturant b/c it was open and the weather was crappy and we were hungry. The food was actually pretty good.

On Monday we got up and went to the Louvre. Again I would like to state how wonderful museum passes are! We got to go in under the Richalou wing and skip all sorts of nasty lines.

First we walked through some of the old castle that the museum was built around. Then we made it to the Greek and Roman section. I love all the Greek and Roman scupltures. I think that i gave Cimmy a REALLY LONG leacture on it, espcially the pre-classical stuff. "Now this is from the geometric period." They had the Lady from Axurre (who was smaller than I thought she was). yay! However, the greek pottery stuff was closed for the day (they randomly close parts of the Louvre b/c they don't have enough staff). Which SUCKED! I really really wanted to see the pottery! I LOVE GREEK POTTERY!!!

Then we walked around the Itallian paintings. Saw some really nice Da Vinci. Saw Mona. I don't think she's that hot. (don't think that Venus De Milo is that hot either).

Some of the Spanish stuff was closed, so no Velaques for us. Cimmy was v. upset. she likes Valaques a lot.

Then we went wandering around the French painting (HUGE, not so HUGE, and small). We were looking for this painting of two sisters that mom and i had seen last time we were there, but we couldn't find it. But the french paintings were really nice. And there weren't a lot of people around so it was almost like it was a big secret that there were all these paintings there.

The Northern artist section was also closed so no Rembrant or Vermeer for us. Good thing that we had seen them in Amsterdam.

Then we went down to see the Code of Hamrabi, bought some postcards and stuff and left.

Since it was a nice day we went down to the Ile de la Cite and saw Sainte-Chappel and Notre Dame. Sainte-Chappel is really pretty. Espcially for the moment when the sun came out and streemed through the stained glass windows. Cimmy said that she could understand how someone could be in awe of God after being there. Notre Dame was nice in the day light (last time i was there it was for midnight mass on x-mas eve). There were some pretty stained glass windows. We decided not to go on the tour of the top of it, but we did get to see some gargolyes from the ground.

Then we walked around the Latin Quarter. As Cimmy would say: I HEART the Latin Quarter. All the resturants and clothing stores. There was even a comic book store with some CCGs and some nice action figures. Cimmy got this great little red/little black dress at Etam.

That night we took Paris Girl out to dinner. We went to this really nice resturant called Alcazar. It was so beautiful inside, full of candlelight. We had a really wonderful time just chatting stuff. They had menus in English. Paris Girl and I would compare the french menu to the English one to see if one had a better description over the other. I ordered this really good duck in this wonderful sauce (i looked on the online menu, but the menu was different). But the best thing was the "Gooey chocolate cake" which was chocolate cake with a melted inside. mmmm....soooo good. Actually, all of the deserts that we had were really good. We had a really great time just sitting and eating slowly and talking.

Tuesday was our last bit of time in Paris.

We took the metro to L'Opera. We got to walk around inside of L'Opera. It was so beautiful. I really enjoyed walking around because we talked about it so much in my opera class.

Then we went to L'Opera Comique b/c we had talked about that in my opera class also. But we didn't go in.

Cimmy got a crepe for a stand w/banannas and chocolate.

Then we went back to Paris Girl's place, packed up and got on the metro to get to the airport.

At Gure du Nord, there was someone walking around checking for metro tickets. Cimmy had thrown hers away so she had to pay 20 Euros for a new ticket (but at least the ticket was valid all the way to the airport)

Can I just say again that Cimmy is an AWESOME sign reader!!

The flight home sucked a lot. Watched the Magestic. Was actually ok until the America bullshit at the end. Cim watched a movie w/Britney Spears. I watched some of it. Was really stupid. I am back up north and at work. Will post about being back later.

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