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my week

the high and low lights of my week:

on monday I started work. work is really cool. pretty layed back. not uber high pressure like the USC.

also joined the gym. blech. but at least they have yoga classes there. yay yay.

on tuesday i tried to ride to work, but i wasn't used to the bike so i freeked out and so Aerith and I drove to work instead. He's really nice like that. We went riding that afternoon instead. I got better about using the bike.

also ended up catching The Women by Claire Booth Luce on PBS. It was such a well done play. i really wish that i could have taped it! I hope that they replay it or put it out on video or something.
I actually got a copy of the play out from the library to read. There are two versions. The one that she wrote in 30 something and the one that she revised in the 60s. I picked the 60s one, but it was missing some lines that I remember (like the one about a dimond duchebag) so i'm going to pick up the other one next week.

don't remember anything special about wed, except talking to Unix at work. He is SOOOO cute!

on thurs. it was kiten's birthday. She had a Paintball Party. I was nervous about playing paintball, but it was really great. I actually made a kill (in only one of the rounds, but still). I got hit twice. Not too bad, except when the paint went into my mouth. ick.

Then we all went out to dinner at Chilli's. Not too bad. Had ribs. mmmmm...meat (*is imagining Nayone's grimace*). Had fun talking with everyone.

Friday was beautiful out. Such a nice solistice! When I was walking around for work I had time btwn meetings and so I went to the fountain of the Lady and just spent some time in prayer and thanks to Mother, Father, Earth, Sun, Water, and Wind. It was such a beautiful moment with the water runing through my fingers and the sun warming my back.

Talked with Unix again. Must remember to bring up Aerith and Nayone in conversation sometimes soon. *sigh* not sure if Unix is cute on his own or cute b/c he looks somewhat like my adonis. *shrug*

Got to clean out a computer room at Smith full of old computer parts. Was a lot of fun. We did a lot of "oops, i dropped this old yellow keyboard on the ground. guess it's broken now." Really started to organize the space. Which was good!

Got slight heat exaustian on the ride home. ick. but got water, rested, and ate and then went to the gym. Did some cardeo stuff and then Swan and Aerith helped me learn a little about weight lifting. I'm such a weak little girl. But one day I will become a burly mountain woman!

Sat. was bellebet's bachlorette party. It was so much fun. We went to see The Full Monty in Boston. The guy who played Remy in Sliders played the black stripper and the guy who played Cinderella' prince in the origional Into the Woods played the Overseer character.

Today I decided that I needed a bike i was more comfortable on so Aerith and i went to wally world and i got a new one. when we were outside working on it, a little girl from the apartments came over and we started talking. I blew bubbles with her and after testing out my bike I helped her start to learn how to ride a two wheeler. :) Yay for being a rolemodel to a little kid!

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