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nayone came to haven...

...last night. I think that she had a pretty good time. Got to show her around the place. Yay yay. She looked really hot! And Aerith was wearing the shirt that i got him in Amsterdam. It looked really nice on him. He's so cute. They both crashed near the end of the evening. It was sooo cute! I danced a lot and was social :). I think that I've convinced Kiten to start coming to yoga with me on mondays. Yay yay!

Aerith and I tried to go swimming yesterday, but the pool was closed b/c the lifeguard was sick. I think that it's dumb that they only have the pool open when there is a lifeguard. and the lifeguard is only there from 11-7. i'd like to swim later than 7. they should have an adult only/swim at your own risk time after 7.

not much else happening.

actually got a decent amount of work done at work so far.

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