Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

the google game

Here are some of the better results (a lot of them were either about the goddess or about the software):

Athene is a genie.

Atheneis now certified by Tivoli as Tivoli-Ready through the Athene/Plus for Tivoli module.

Athene is now available for all supported platforms!

Athene is depicted with a formidable expression, possibly because the spherical object in a bag over her right shoulder is believed to be the head of the dreaded Medusa.

Athene is also the goddess of proximity and sharp or cunning intelligence. (no, really???)

Athene is the first comprehensive survey to be attempted on the Little Owl in Britain.

Athene is the ability to plan a strategy and carry it out, to invent and utilize new systems and concepts; to become a professional in your field.

Athene is often associated with the owl. (*Loooks down at owl pentent around neck*)

Athene is a depressing thought.

Athene is the name she used for a retail consulting company she started in Washington, DC before she met Charlie.

Athene is becoming more familiar with our range of goods and nautical terms and will be able to take your orders and deal with many enquiries

Despite appalling service (a few wrong orders, other diners waiting a long time) the food at Athene's is good.

Athene is hip!

Athene is already "installed" on your computer.

Athene is having a "Pump up the jam" session.

Athene is trying her newest spell, to conjure cold beer. (wow, that sounds like fun!)

Athene is an experienced and conscientious tarot card reader. (well...I'm practicing)

Athene is being revived as an on-line journal. (which is what you're reading *G*)

Athene is, in effect, me. (somehow, I like this one the best)

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