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went to haven last night. had a lot of fun!!

i wore my new mini-skirt and a sparkely shirt and a new belt and my strappy shoes. I felt sexy. and i know my legs looked good.

the music was ok, it got a lot better after midnight, but by then i was so tired that i only danced to two or three songs before my feet decided to quit.

had a lot of really fun conversations with people. that's what made the night. Talked with Wolf-boy about kitties and how they act like getto-boys. :) Got to talk with Avi again! :) Just a lot of fun and good stuff.

we let Spectre in again last night. he was actually pretty good until 8am when he decided it was time for us to wake up. silly cat!

I had some sort of dream that i really wanted to remember, but i can't. grrr. oh well.
Tags: cat, clubbing, haven

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