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hopefully a long entry

i'm at work and really busy, but i felt the need to update. i am starting this entry at 10:30am. i'm not sure when i will finish it.

i have a lot i want to say.

The first is that everyone should go see The Importance of Being Earnest at New Century Theatre. Aerith and I went to see it on Friday. It's wonderful. i was laughing so hard. after the show all of the actors said that they wanted me to come back every night :)

Went to the big mall on Friday with Aerith and Nayone. yay for shopping. spent too much money, but it was good. Nayone and I tried on these really cool shirts at Express they had these low cut bunched up fronts and the sleeves on the shoulders were split. Nayone looked really hot in hers. very greek with the shirt and her curly hair. she's just so beautiful. *insert gushing about wonders of girlfriend here*

on the down side i came down with a sore throat. it hurts. lots and lots. espcially when i sneeze. aerith tries to make me gurgle with salt water but i refuse and eat lots of frozen grape juice pops. am almost out of grape juice.

i'm trying to think of other important things that i knew i wanted to write about...umm...I'm reading The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. it's good, but not the kind of thing i usually read. i'm not sure if anyone who isn't from Louisiana would fully appreciate it.

Going to New Orleans in 12 days. yay! There is so much that I want to do there.

read some Sandman. I think that I have a little too much Dilirium in me. changed my sig file to a Dilirium quote :)

Actually got PAID to help out at NCT! which is why i was able to blow the money shopping. I will be unemployed in 2 weeks. ick. well...i can come back to this job for about a week after i get back. bleh. i have a resume (2 actually). Now I just need a car.

my others have the day off...well Nayone has the day off and Aerith's finished with NCT with the execption of the strike. i bet they are still in bed. i wish i was. (it's now 11:30am).

grr...live365 is being all weird. i wonder if i remembered to bring cds with me. *looks* yup. yay. good.

at least i'm doing something slightly different than what i've been doing for the past week. Now instead of just going through records and records of computers and moving one little piece of data from one spot to another I am actually creating records for the ones i couldn't find. it's just a little more exciting. and it really needs to get done (hence me procrastionating by writing in LJ). yay, just got through a big chunk of stuff that wasn't in the DB. I wanted to get though this book before lunch, but i'm not sure that's going to happen. I'm awfully close though.

my mother is crazy. she just sent me about 7 aims and then jumped off-line. what a nut, but i love her!

hmm...anything else to say? umm...not that i can think of. oh well. maybe more later.
finished the book (12:05pm) off to lunch.

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