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We've come a long way from Labyrinth!

Caution! May contain Final Fantasy spoliers

So, saw the FF movie last night. OMG!!!!! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I can see why Hollywood is scared.

The plot was ok, reminded me a lot of FFVII. The dialogue was pretty good (although the last line is SOOOOOO cheezey!!!!!). But the graphics!! wow! i just can't get over the beauty of it. and to remember that the whole thing was rendered, not photographed.

It wasn't scary at all! I expected it to be a lot of waiting for scary monsters in the dark, but it wasn't. the only time i closed my eyes was when they had the very extream close up of the alien eyes. that, and the opening bit, were really the only spooky parts. the rest was a really good sci-fi movie.

At the end when the bird (hawk?) flew overhead it looked so real! It made me think of the opening/end credits of Labyrinth and how fake that owl looked as oppossed to this bird. it's just amazing.

I want to see it again! and the nice part is that the dialogue is mostly good enough that it doesn't need to be MiSTed to enjoy it (well, maybe the last line and some of the other stuff, but not the whole thing).

Aerith said the plot was more like Parasite Eve than Final Fantasy. *shrug* having never played either, but watched a lot of the FF stuff, i couldn't say.

ok, enough incoherant rambling from me.
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