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well, i haven't updated this thing in ages b/c i've been really busy.

hmm...what's new in my life?

first, 3G moved out in the beginning of September. So Aerith and I have been working like crazy to set up the apartment. We have cleaned and vacuumed and painted and replaced a light fixture and cleaned and vacuumed and moved stuff around and sorted crap into piles and cleaned some more. The place is almost ready. There's just a little more stuff on the table to be put away, the bathrooms to clean, the bathroom and hallway cabenits to organize, the books to get out of storage, and a few more crates of stuff to go through. All in all not bad.

Got a cable modem, but no router yet so only Aerith's comp is hooked up. Also have digital cable. :) now have lots of stations of nothing on.

Also i've been doing some temp work and have had an interview with Yes Computers.

Went to Kiten's women's thing. It was a lot of fun. Had a really good time. I hope we have more of those in the future.

Not much other than that, but i've been uber busy.

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