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Weird Dream

let's see if i can remember my dream:

It started off with three different types of barrels or something like that, that i was walking around and collecting them, or breaking them open, in this world that looked a lot like the stuff from Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Each type of barrel had a different level of something, sort of like a sexual stimulation, i think.

The next thing I remember is aerith and i coming to some place. and then we were seperated and i was at the bottom of a tower spire lying down on this reversed T shaped thing. There was this woman with a strap-on and I was tied down limb by limb while she took me with the strap-on. But it was ok b/c this is what i was expecting and I was getting sexual enjoyment from it.

Afterwards I met back up with aerith and asked him how his thing went (i think he was topping for someone else) and he said "ok". then we met up with 3G and I asked him how it went and he said something about getting companionship.

Then I was in this big Victorian building and I was talking to some members of the ECC (maybe this was another dream) about how this one person who had a UMass class first semester last year was getting this really great top floor room and we were going to be able to use it to get onto the roof.

Then I was outside the building (which was closer to the UMass bus stop than the FAC, but was taking the place of the FAC. I had to grab a bus to Smith and when I was on the bus I said something and Dav-eed was in the seat in front of me and he turned around and responded.

That's all I remember. I wish I had one of those dream recorders like in the FF movie
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