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Well it was my birthday yesterday. I turned 23. I'm prime :)

had a really great day. My sister was here and BillyJean and Henri came in from Boston. it was like being at my mother's house, but it was MY apartment. yay yay. we made a cake and Cimmy and BillyJean and Aerith made dinner. And then they iced the cake. it was a witch :) There were pics taken :)

then people came over for my b-day party/house re-warming. :) It was so much fun. Yay to everyone who made it. Thank you for all the presents and pretty cards and the backmassage. yeah, having 4-5 people giving you a massage at the same time is really cool. i vote we make this a b-day tradition :)

And today Aerith's father came and took us out to dinner and he got us a PS2! yay yay!! now we have one of our own :)
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