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lighting and other things

so, i'm working lights for this show down at City Stage in Springfield. I was asked to run lights. I didn't think that meant focus and lighting design also, just working the board (which is that old kind of fader board - 36 dimmers and an X/Y fader). Luckily Aerith came with me on Thursday and Friday so he actually did the lighting focus and design while I ran the faders and recorded the levels.

the show went well. on sat i made a few mistakes, but today i did everything right. and i managed to drive down to Springfield without dying. always a plus.

in case you want to see it, it's called Different Dreams/Different Times. It's basically a musical review. Pretty cheesy, but Vicky's a talented singer. Not sure what the cost of tickets is.

got to talk to the mad russian today. I called her for a change. I'm glad i called her. I miss talking to her all the time. She keeps me sane in a very special way.

i guess i should figure out something to eat. Aerith's at Hartford Stage and Nayone's at Smith so i have the apartment to myself. food is probably a good idea now.

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