Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
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quick update

just a quick update on my life:

the car, now named Audrey :), is doing fine. She had her starter replaced on friday. Today I plan on cleaning her inside and her windows. She also survived a trip to Boston on the pike. Now I am trying to find the right bumper stickers for her. So far I have some favorites from,, and I'm thinking one pagan one and one geeky/gamer one. And I think i want to get a Smith window thing too.

sunday was Midieval Manor. much much fun. except for when i started freeking out. it seems i can't eat and breath at the same time in my corset. go fig. Aerith won the bread jousting *insert some sort of sexual comment here*

now Aerith's at work, Nayone's writing a paper, and I'm doing the laundrey. i feel like their housewife. hehehe. but not for much longer :) Soon i'll be working too!
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