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I've made it through my first week of work ( at RCN. I deserive a prize. My class has 13 people in it. The trainer has a twirly moustache. hehehe. but he's boring and some people in the class are really stupid and the rest of us have to wait and wait and we get really bored. warloque (hehe another one for LJ) is really cool. he's done cablemodem and now he's learning the cable tv/telephone side. i think i weird him out a little bit.

so, day by day:
monday we got to do TONS of paperwork. and yes SafireRings, we learned how to sexually harass people :)
Then we basically played games to get to know each other.

on tuesday we did a game that taught us that we were a team and had to work as a whole even with in groups. bleh. stupid mindfuck.
then we started learning stuff. well, a little. there's someone in my class who'd never even right clicked before. and we got into the computer programs that we need (well, a few of them anyway). learning how to punch in/out is good. we also got to take a tour of the place. ran into Rev. Tom :)

on wed. we learned more computer program stuff. learning to check e-mail is a good thing. finally we got into some of the telephone information.

on thurs i dressed up as an elven princess/sorceress and got to bug Rev. Tom some more. in class we learned about Cable and then got to play in the product guide. very very useful resource. we spent some time making up questions for a game (sort of a name that tune kind of thing). It really helped me learn, but i guess some people don't learn as quickly b/c my team (when we started playing) totally took the lead b/c we had done a lot of playing around with the guide finding things. but some people got upset at a misinterpreted question and then our trainer just showed us things on the screen. *yawn*

today we went over the product guide some more. then we took a quiz/test thing. i didn't know what RCN stood for (Resitential Comunications Network). but a lot of people had problems with some of the questions. at first i got 2 out of 15 questions wrong, but by the end i had them all right. yay. go me. :)
then we got to sit with people on the phones. it seemed like the girl i sat with was barely doing any work and was taking lots of time between calls. but she got two crazy calls. one was a guy who was upset b/c RCN dug up some of the yard of the building that he owned. he was threatening to sue. the other guy had his account shut off and was upset b/c he had invited people over to watch the Patriots game this weekend. oh well. too bad for him.

am sooo glad it's the weekend!!! soo soo glad!!! the drive down is so boring. i wish i had more than one tape.

more some other time.

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