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had a good weekend, but it was filled with ouchies.

saturday there were a number of ouchies. my lower back area got hurt (but not too badly).

and then there was Bjorn's party. at first i had a lot of fun there. was flirting with Pulse, who i didn't expect to flirt with, but it was fun anyway. purrrr.
but then i was in bjorn's bedroom and he was lying on the floor on his stomach so i sat on his back. then he went onto all fours (which was fine), but then he started to stand up and i thought that he was going to stand up faster than he was, so i reached for his shoulders and then next thing i knew i was headed face first into Safirering's shoe (and the rug). OUCH! my left arm got really hurt. and my face (around my chin) felt a little burnt, but nothing was noticable. but i was hurt enough that i wanted to go home. bad end to a fun evening. oh well.

my arm still hurts today. and my face on the right side of my nose to slightly around my eye (no bruse there though). and Bjorn, it's not your fault. i'm not going to kick you...well, not for this anyway.

in other news, kindgom hearts is so cool. it's the only game that i know of where you can save Rabbit's carrots from Tigger. :)

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