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just turned in my lab for class. was pretty easy. i just hope i did everything right (the instructions were a little less clear than i wanted them at times, but at least normally there will actually be someone for me to talk to who can clarify things).

picking up on the post about the weekend:
got to see Aerith's neice who just turned one. she isn't walking quite yet, although she is a fast crawler and will take steps while holding onto things/hands. she isn't quite talking yet either, but she does have quite a few teeth. she is really very adorable. she was shy towards us when we first showed up, but a game of peak-a-boo smoothed things over :)

Aerith and I got her the Leap Start Learning Table for her birthday. it had all sorts of fun colors and sounds and will drive her mother crazy. go us!

We also got to see Aerith's nephew (son of his other sister). he's 9 and turning into a pretty cool kid. we wanted to take him to see Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, as we had seen it and liked it (much closer to the book), but it was sold out. oh well. The nephew has this cat Max who is the biggest cuddle-slut/purr-bucket. you just have to go near him and he'll start to purr.

over all it was a good visit. aerith's mother wasn't too annoying. she even liked the "I am a goddess" bumper sticker on my car. and we got a coffee table and an end table (bronze with glass tops) from his sister. yay for a real coffee table.

as for Harry Potter, it was much much closer to the book and the kids have really grown into their rolls. i recomend it. oh, and stay through the credits :)

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