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long entry

i feel that i should update this as i haven't in ages and ages. So please forgive this post should it ramble all over the place.

let's see, work is going well. I am actually enjoying it most of the time. I am learning a lot of things and helping people. I really like helping people. The shift bids came out. They were CRAP!!! There was only one really nice one, but i think that everyone's going to try to go for it. I know I have a pretty good chance at getting it, but i'm not sure exactly where I stand. I wish I did. I'll find out on thursday what my shift is.

I've come to the realization that i've lost a friend. i'm sad about this but there's nothing I can do. I hurt her very badly, even when i didn't mean do. I just have to back off now. Maybe one day in many years we can be friends again.

in other news I finally finished the Coldfire Trilogy which I had started reading this summer. It was very good. I also read Harry Potter 2 again b/c i liked the movie. It really was close to the book. I'm very impressed.

saw Star Trek Nemises today. I quite enjoyed it. I just came to the realization that it really was like a 2 part season finale with out all the commericals. I'd see it again. And just to add more Trek to my day, Aerith and I rented Star Trek First Contact and we have 2 borg (w/Hugh) episodes on tape. but we also have alcohol and bad frozen pizzas. Should be a good night :). Actually, it's kind of funny to have a Trek filled day b/c I know that it's the SSFFS not showing of not Star Wars today.

Got a CostCo card. Spent too much money there, but it is good. Got a much needed (but noisy) humidifier. Also picked up Lilo and Stitch. I have now seen it way too many times. I still want a Scrum doll. :)

Blew a tire a week ago thursday. Got new snow tires. Skidded a little on ice yesterday, but lived w/no accedent. got new wipper blades today. hopefully these won't fall off when i lift up the wipper arm. My "Dragons rescued, virgins slain" sticker came off. oh well. will get another one.

Aerith and I are doing well. We have little spats sometimes, but mostly things are peachy. I really like being around him.

Ran into the LittleJane at Deb. Was good to see her again.

Am finally trying to read Once and Future King. I started it my first year of college and never got to finish it.

Will not be home for the holidays this year :( No fun New Year's Party at the Werewolf's this year. But i should be going to VeriCon, so at least I'll get to see him then.

I really should write back/call The Mad Russian. I miss her.

I also need to have a long conversation with MuninWing. Hope that happens soon.

I thought I had more today, but i guess I don't. oh well.

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