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work shift, techs, and LOTR:TT (slight spolierage)

First, I got my shift for work: sun-thurs 9am-5:30pm. The hours are good and while i'm not overly fond of the idea of working sundays, it does mean that I can start gaming again during the week. yay for being social.

second, I got to ride out with an RCN tech today. It was so cool. We got to cut off people's phones b/c they owed lots and lots of money. Ninjathene strikes again :) :) :). I didn't go up on any poles or ladders, but I did get to put on a hard hat (it was WAY too big for my head).

saw LOTR:TT. was ok. i'm SO glad i didn't watch any previews b/c the skateboarding Legolas was way cool! It really cut out so much. Almost too much. Actually, definatly too much for me. I really liked the way they did Wormtongue.

was very brave last night. *crosses fingers and hopes for the best*

must sleep soon. too much emotional wringers for me. and too little sleep. was up at 4am to go on the tech ride.

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