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mix tape

not that it's a surpriese to anyone, but i have such strange taste in music that my mixes are really weird. Just to give you a sample, here is the new mix tape that I just made (note: I already have one tape of Blackmore's Night and one of Cruxshadows, so neither are on this tape b/c of that)

Side A:
Blues Brothers - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
Shrek (Smash Mouth) - I'm A Believer
Brown Derbies - Sort of Haunted House
BNL - Pinch Me
Once More With Feeling (Anya and Zander) - I'll Never Tell
Cowboy Mouth - Jenny Says
Janis Joplin - Piece of My Heart
k's choice - I Wanna Meet the Man
Madonna - Express Yourself
Labrynth (David Bowie) - Magic Dance
Dar Williams - The Christians and the Pagans

Side B
Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing
Animaniacs - The Sense
BNL - Straw Hat and Dirty Old Hank
O Brother Where Art Thou - Man of Constant Sorrow
Rocky Horror Show (New Cast) - Hot Patootie
Radiators - This Wagon's Gonna Roll
Matalica - Enter Sandman
The Who's Tommy (Tina Turner) - Acid Queen
O Brother Where Art Thou - Didn't Leave Nobody but the Babe
Tori Amos - Crucify
Aerosmith - Rag Doll
Peter, Paul, and Mary - Till the Day is Done

Aerith and I are going to his sister's for xmas. we'll be leaving soon and coming back tomorrow. byee

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