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a very white x-mas

Am back safely. Actually got back around 2pm today. Right as the storm was hitting the Amherst/NoHo area. but Aerith was driving and Audrey's a good car.

It's snowing still. there is a lot of snow. That's why we are staying in and watching things like Full Metal Challange.

The trip to Aerith's family went really well. Got to help B2 wrap presents. We watched Lilo and Stitch with B2, Nate, B2's b/f, and Aerith's dad. They really liked it which was good.

Spent the night at Aerith's mother's. We went to bed really early. Then we got up early and went back to B2's house. B1 was there with fiance and 1 year old child. TJ's grown so much in just a month!

The presents. There were lots as B2 has just discovered Big Lots :).

What I got (b/c i'm feeling materialistic *G*):

  • Sandman Books 1 and 4
  • Death, the High Cost of Living
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (1-3)
  • Buffy the Muscial Soundtrack
  • Earrings and a matching necklace
  • Pear-smelling soap from Bath and Body works
  • Powerpuff Girls - Meet the Beat Alls

Aerith and I got a digital camera from his family, lots of candy, and Practical Magic from Santa (there is a big joke about this between Aerith and I).

All in all it was a very good x-mas.

P.S. cassieclaire has another one out!

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