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poor kitty

well, Spectre finally got neutered yesterday. Poor thing! but the vet was really nice and said that he was a very good boy the whole time.

however, he wasn't allowed to eat anything after 8pm on tuesday or before 8pm on wed. He was such a hungery kitty! He kept jumping in the trash can trying to find food in there. I was so glad when I could finally give him food!

Then this morning I was awakened by his yaweling at the door at 6:30am. So I got up and let him in and he was very good and cuddely. I think that he just wanted to be with us b/c I put out more food for him, but he ignored it and followed me around.

I think that he is recovering well. I really hope so.

In other news, after we dropped the kitty at the vet, Aerith and I went to Six Flags! I LOVE HAVING A SEASON PASS! We got to get in at 9 (instead of 10) and therefore there was NO LINE for the Superman. I really love that ride (except for the first climb). So between 9:15 and 10 we went on Superman twice, the Scream (my other fave), and the Thunderbolt. After that we were like "We might as well go now", but we hung out till about 12, riding another ride or two (not the big ones) and eating over priced food. We didn't bring our suits b/c we didn't think that the weather was going to be hot enough. but it was. if we had known that we probably would have stayed longer and gone into the water park. oh well.
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