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once again it is snowing out. it's cold out. I went to the store to get things for dinner.

I got paid today. yay. There is less money in my acct than there should be because the Health Club took out money even though I went there and put a hold on things. grrrr. will call and bitch later. because of it, Fleet took out an extra charge. So so so dumb!!!! And the worst part is that I was keeping an extra careful eye on my money too. rawr!

in good news, for those who haven't heard, Nayone has agreed to take a leap of faith and agreed to be our girlfriend again. I'm happy because life with her is much better than life without her. There are still some things that need to be talked about (the party at the Cave really wasn't the best place for it, but we did talk about some stuff then. damn having to work on new years day), but I am confident that we can work through them. And I can't tell you how wide my smile is everytime i think about her or see her name on my "friends of" list.

Other intersting things about this week, in no order:
I ran a red light. didn't get caught or hit, but i scared myself. guess i need more than 5 hours of sleep a night.
someone hit on me over the phone at work. he was calling about his mother-in-law's acct and told me i had a pretty voice and that i could call him "cupcake" or something like that. eewww.
a room full of hyeenas is interesting
snow=no mall shopping. having less money in my acct than i expected = no mall shopping. want to go shopping. vicky's is havinga sale. *pout*
i know cassieclaire is in england, but i want more vsds!!!!
happy birthday Cimmy (for those who don't know, it was the 31st). Glad your party went well and you like your lj paid acct.
maybe i can have a snowball fight later. hehehe.
i have so much housework to do. ugh. but i want to make a nice dinner tonight, so i should get it done.
I need to eat something. goodbye.

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