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Went to Vericon this weekend! It was very very good.

Finally went to AAA and got coverage. it was more than i expected it to be, but i'm glad to have it.

we left later than we wanted to, but Aerith drove and we got to Nayone's mom's house w/more than enough time to catch the train into Boston.

Took the T from South Station and found the con no problem. The Werewolf wasn't there (he said he would be) but we had fun anyway. Yay for Masterbating Undead Elmo :)

Went out to dinner with Smithies. Was good dinner. Had a HUGE Caesar Salad. saved some for Cimmy b/c i knew she was showing up.

I went to a pannel on gender rolls and SF while Nayone and Aerith went to one on Mideavil Arms and Armor. I'm surprised there weren't more Smithies at the Gender rolls one. It was a really good pannel. Then I dragged Cimmy (who was glad for the salad), Nayone, and Aerith to the thing run by Ellen Kushner. I really am interested in listening to her radio show. I've started reading Swordspoint by her and it's really enjoyable.

Then we played Apples to Apples. Gods do i need a copy of this game!! It's way too much fun! We played until midnight. Then went back to the Werewolf's to hang out and sleep.

woke up late. my legs were hurting (4 people on a double futon and couch pushed together). Got to the con too late to play "Capture the flag with stuff" which i was really looking forward too. :( Couldn't play b/c legs hurt.
Went to a pannel on historical accuracy and sf/fanstasy. was really good.
Played Munchkin. lost.
didn't get to play in Werewolf's Changling Larp :(
got lunch at the Garage. Roast Beef w/bourson cheese. yummy.
was late to Patricia C. Wrede's reading. really wanted to be there on time. was a very good reading and i really want to read the book (it's not done yet!!! ahhhh!!!!) but the prequel is going to be republished soon.
Cimmy and i went to the bookstore where Wrede was signing books :) we also wandered around Cambridge (must go back there to shop in warmer weather). Got stuff at the Body Shop :):):):)
some drama, but solved (mostly)
played Dance Dance Revolution. I suck at it!
then there was kareoke. lots of buffy. yay for buffy. I actually got up the currage to sing Tara's song all by myself. I think i did an ok job. a bit more (now resolved) drama afterwards.
Then we were going to get crepes, but the place was closed, so we got pizza.
then we were going to go to the ball (brough costumes and everything), but we were so zonked that we just chilled, had hot chocolate and crashed.
I kept waking up to go potty. bleh

went to MST3k'ing of phantom megamess. was quite funny as they had skits during the show. :) It's all about the parking shot. And it SO is! was watching SNL today and they used the parking shot!!
said good-bye to cimmy :( will see her again in Feb.
Got more smamaches w/bourson cheese. yay yay
said goodbye to one and all.
took T to Southstation and train to Sharon. Fell asleep on train.
Drove home. Ran low on gas when i got on the Pike, but it wasn't too expensive.
It started to weather on the pike, but it wasn't too bad. I had a long streach where there were no cars around. I liked that.
When I got onto 91 it was snowing really badly and started to collect on the ground. ick ick ick. so i ended up going like 40 mi/hour and keeping behind a car so i could tell where the road was. Aerith yelled at me for driving too close, but i thought i was ok. I got us home alive, didn't i??? It looked as though others had the same thought b/c when i was going around a curve and looked in the rear-view mirror, there was a whole line of cars following us. was kind of cool and lucky there was no accedent.

at work now. they have Crunch bars with caramel. yum yum yum.

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