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good day

so far it has been a very good day.

the phone tree was messed up so i got no calls for the first hour on the phones. We chilled and talked and it was fun. And the whole day was pretty quiet. There was a point were i took a call, had 30 min w/no call, took another call, had another 30 min, took another call, and then had a 15 min break. :)

Read lots more of Once and Future King. I will finish it this weekend no matter how wordy/mysogynist it is. 2 people at work didn't know that word.

After work I went to CostCo and dropped off my film. Saw Amielle there for $13! will buy it when i have money.

Came home and made dinner. yum.

Talked to Cimmy. yay yay. she's my bestest-sister-friend in the whole wide world.

Also, daddy's wife gets to come to the States for 3 months starting today. yay! I like my step-mom. she's nice. and she makes daddy happy which is good b/c moppy daddy sucks.

And kiten is going to call me soon and we're going to hang out. yay yay.

is a good day today. yes yes.

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