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cold toes

just got out of the shower a little while ago. slept until 10 and then read more of Once and Future King. I'm about to start the last section. only slightly more than 100 pages left. yay yay.

had a really lovely dream where my girlfriend jumped me. it was fun. I loves her lots.

Hanging out with Kiten was cool. She was doing her homework so we didn't get to hang out for too long. I definatly need to see more of her!

Today is going to be busy:

  • Get dressed - it's amazing how sexy underwear can make you feel sexy!
  • Eat food - mmm. oatmeal w/lots of brown sugar.
  • Read some of dramaturgy textbook - nope. read more Once and Future King. Almost done with it!!!
  • Take care of the trash and the recycling - almost done. just have the stuff to return to the store and the cardboard left.
  • do dishes/other housework type stuff
  • Send off rent check
  • Go by Blockbuster and get movies w/coupon
  • Go by bank(s)
  • Get cereal at store
  • Get refund on some of the recycling
  • Go to SSFFS meeting & see about becoming a member again
  • Pick up Nayone
  • Eat dinner
  • Hang out at The Cave - yay for Hackers
  • Come home and "sleep"

well...i have a busy day in front of me. I better get started on things.

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