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weekend and a quiz

at work now.

had a good weekend.

Friday, per my to do list, I was quiet productive. I wish I had been slightly more productive in terms of house work. Oh well.

Got to see Hackers. I really really enjoyed it. :)

Saturday went well too. Watched some FFX. yum.

I finally finished Once and Future King!!!!!!!!

Went to the party at the Cave. Has a really good time. :) I wished I could have stayed later, but since I had to work this morning, I left at about 12:30am. bleck. But I got to spend time with cool people, such as Deravyn and his L, Pulse w/whom I'm probably going to go Swing dancing with on wed :), Munin, Persival, Juggler and the clown head on Juggler's broken pez-pack despenser, and, of course, my wonderful others :).

I hate sunday mornings. It's so hard to leave 2 warm bodies to go to work. At least it was warm (and by warm I mean above freezing) out when I left for work and the highway was practically empty.

and now a quiz:
Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?


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