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strange day

it's been a really strange day so far.

I actually got up willingly, which is strange for me.

I'm wearing 3 skirts b/c i decided that it might be warm (read: above freezing) enough to wear them

I couldn't get the pickle jar open (which I've ALWAYS been able to do before)

Then I had to drive to Smith to give Nayone something she left at the apartment (which I have just decided needs a name - any ideas?)

My first call at work took about 45 of this woman just complaining and complaining and jumping topics and not letting me get a word in at all.

Most of the rest of the calls have been ok. I have a cable modem agent sitting with me to learn billing, but I haven't gotten many billing questions since he sat with me.

After work I have to go by CostCo to get my pictures and pick up some stuff. Then is home for dinner w/Aerith and Munin. And I might pop over to the Pagan pot luck tonight.


last night was good. Got to watch The American President, which I love. I also found Urinetown and Thoroughly Modern Millie on for a total of $27 and change with no shipping. what a great way to spend my commission check!

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