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Good day

I've been having the BEST day today!!!

It started off alright but then it got better.

At work I had a whole bunch of really wonderful calls. No one yelled at me at all!
The two best calls:
1. A guy called very gruff and was like "Don't beat around the bush with me I want direct answers." He wanted to go over all the charges on his bill (including taxes and surcharges). I was able to explain everything very clearly. He was so please with me that he wanted to talk to my supervisor. He had nothing but praised for me to my supervisor :) :) :) It was really wonderful. I was smiling so much!
2. Another guy called about a phone feature that actually wasn't on his line. While looking over his account, I noticed that a) he was being double billed on one of his phone lines and b) he really should have been on a different package that would save him a lot of money. He was so happy that I was able to go out of my way for him.

All of this made me really happy because I really really like helping people. :) Happy 'Thene.

and it gets better. My cds that I ordered sunday night and should have taken 5-9 days to come in came TODAY!!!!!!

p.s. listening to Urinetown while having to go potty is really funny.

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